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Hours of operation
Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm

Nessie Therapeutic Parenting Programmes

Welwyn & Hatfield

Helping parents to effectively manage and support their children’s behaviour as they grow and develop

New DSPL5 funded support for parents living in Welwyn and Hatfield

Nessie is excited to be part of this new initiative supported and funded by Welwyn and Hatfield, Delivering Specialist Provision Locally (DSPL5) to provide group and one to one strengths-based, targeted support to promote a positive relationship between a parent/carer and a child.

This is achieved by reducing children’s oppositional and or emotional dysregulation behaviour and increasing their pro-social behaviour and compliance.

We work collaboratively with families, using our expert knowledge and the parent’s understanding of their child. 

Who are these services for?

Parents and carers of children aged 6-10 years old who live in Welwyn/Hatfield whose children display distressing, challenging behaviours.

The programmes are also suitable for children who present with oppositional defiance disorder or where ADHD might be suspected or has been diagnosed. 

Incredible Years (IY) Programme

The IY Programme enables parents to have effective tools in managing their child’s behaviour.

Its aims are to: 

  • Help parents and carers deal effectively with their child’s behaviour
  • Support parents/carers to promote their child’s emotional self-regulation
  • Build on parent/carer’s skills and experience of dealing with difficult behaviours
  • Increase parent and carers self-confidence and reduce household stress.
  • The facilitators will also provide weekly phone calls to problem solve any concerns in practicing new skills or celebrating successes.
  • The course is an 11-week group programme, for parents/carers. Each session will be delivered in person, for 2.5 hours each week between school hours (but will not take place during school holidays).
  •  The group will consist of up to 12 parents and includes group discussions, group activities, use of video clips and ‘have a go’ tasks to try at home.

Group start date Wednesday 1st May 2024

For further information and 1-2-1 support please email ndevine@nessieined.com

Personalised Individual Parent Training (PIPT)  

The aim of PIPT is to help parents “tune in” to their children and increase their sensitive responding to their child’s particular emotions and behaviours. We do this by live coaching to help parent/carers refine their observational and discriminative skills for different emotional states and behaviours of the child. We then support parents/carers to use this understanding of how their child plays, to increase the sociable and cooperative behaviours of the child. We also provide parents with safe and effective ways to manage children’s difficult behaviours, whether mild or extreme, in ways that promote the development of a child’s secure attachment relationship. 

  • The programme is delivered from 8 to 10-weeks with parents and children

  • It can be delivered in either an Agency setting or online – 1 – 1.5-hour sessions. (PIPT will be run by one practitioner)

Email ndevine@nessieined.com for a chat and to book a place.

Guided Self Help (GSH) for behavioural difficulties)

GSH is to help parents work through a ‘self-help’ workbook with the support of a practitioner. It uses evidence-based strategies to manage and prevent the escalation of behavioural problems in children. During the course, parents and carers learn about child behaviours, including triggers for challenging behaviour and what reinforces it. The goal is to establish a positive relationship between adult and child. Adults will learn about conduct disorder in order to help them respond appropriately. 

The course is delivered over 8 weeks on a one-to-one basis between parent and practitioner. 

The course can be delivered either in an Agency/school setting or online for 1 hour. 

Email ndevine@nessieined.com for a chat and to book a place.


Nessie is assured by the Department for Education to Provide Funded  Senior Mental Health Leads Training...

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