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Parent Videos

Transitioning to a new school

Building resilience and confidence

Coping with anger

Dealing with anxiety

Supporting children in the LGBTQ+ community

Supporting children with neurodiversity

NESSie documents

NESSie Foundation in Emotional & Mental Health Bitesize

Bereavement and Loss Bitesize

Supporting Anxious Children Bitesize

Confidence and Resilience for Parents Bitesize

Trauma and Attachment Bitesize

Supporting Trans & Gender Questioning Pupils Bitesize

NESSie Self-Harm Bitesize

NESSie Positive Behaviour Support Bitesize

EBSA Toolkit Booklet

Secondary Transition Top Tips and Signposts 

NESSie Staff Wellbeing Bitesize

Asessment and Evaluation Bitesize 

Other useful resources

Integrated services for Learning; Emotionally Based School avoidance Guide for Parents

Childnet; Supporting Your Child if They See Upsetting Content Online

Schoolsweek; We Should Not Hide From Children What is Happening in Ukraine

Metro; How to Talk to Children About What’s Happening in Ukraine and World War 3 Anxiety

Self Help Leaflets – Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust

Independent; How and When to Talk to Children About War, According to a Parenting Expert

LGBTQ+ Services

Department for Education; Help for Teachers and Families to Talk to Pupils About Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and How to Help Them Avoid Misinformation

Hertfordshire country council; Emotional Based School Avoidance Guide for Parents 

Savanna Therapeutic; books for children with ASC

Gal-dem; therapists who understand racism experiences

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