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Parent Training

for Conduct Disorders

The aim is to assess and treat children between 6 – 12 years with conduct problems using two main interventions:

  1. Incredible Years (IY) group work involving up to 15 parents over a minimum of 14 sessions
  2. Individual Parent Training Programme (PIPT) for a minimum of 5 families having 6-10 sessions

The IY programme will be for children of school age (8-11). Two therapists will facilitate and co-facilitate session interchangeably over time. The space for the group work and materials form a crucial part in the success of the intervention.

Incredible Years Parent Group

Is your child aged 8-11 Yrs?

Do you find your child’s behaviour challenging and difficult to manage?

Would you welcome some support?

We are running an Incredible Years© (IY) parent / carer group.

IY is an evidence based parenting programme which aims to promote positive behaviour and reduce inappropriate behaviours in children.

Sessions cover:  special time; effective praise and encouragement; rewards; rules, responsibilities and routines; managing difficult behaviour; consequences

We are happy to chat and provide further information

Please do contact either:
Rapael Suh: r.suh@rsat.org.uk / 07783 032148 
Aimee Ramiah: a.ramiah@rsat.org.uk / 07707 767025

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