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One of our success stories!

A member of our team has just finished with a child in year 1. They had been excluded from one school, and were unable to be in class at the new school.

This was due to significant behavioural difficulties. The child was  STUC (Significant Trauma, Unmet Need in Crisis). 

Today they ended therapy and were presented with a certificate which will be received in assembly.  They have never been given a certificate in assembly until now! 

They have now successfully integrated back into class full time and are thriving.

NESSie in Stevenage: DSPL2 Spring Term Update

During the Spring term Harri and Charlotte ran two Staff Forums and one Parent Forum.

The Staff forums were very well attended by staff from schools across Stevenage. The themes explored were around staff support, accessing services for children and staff self nurture.

The Parent Forum offered training to provide strategies for children with anxiety. This was so popular that, as a result schools have asked for it to be repeated in the Summer Term.

Currently we are providing 12 pupils with Creative Arts Therapy sessions within their individual schools. Many referrals have been for children who have experienced significant trauma, have not had their needs met and are in crisis.

We have now moved into our brand new office, where there is a state of the art coffee machine which provides the best cappuccinos and hot chocolates!

Meet the School Counsellor at Hitchin Girls School the first Thursday of every month.

NESSie places school counsellors not only to see the young people, but also to support and inform the parents too.

Hitchin Girls School Counsellor Jayne Hale has arranged to have a drop in session once a month for the parents of any of the children at school. 

NESSie’s ethos is not to just helicopter therapy in to individuals. We work with parents and carers, teachers and support staff and those in the wider community. NESSie is not an organisation that is only around for the short haul. We grow and develop as the needs of the area does.