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Hours of operation
Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm

Senior Mental Health Leads Training

DfE Assured

Are you interested in developing practical mental health hands-on skills and knowledge?

Are you a Mental Health professional in an education setting who can influence a whole school approach to supporting mental health & wellbeing?

Then the Nessie ‘Foundation in Mental Health’ training is for you

Book training now to grow in your role as a Mental Health Lead

The DfE are offering funding which would cover the full cost of the course (£800) and award £1200 for Senior Mental Health Leads to support training, resourcing and implementation in your setting.

Developed by Nessie CEO Rachel Lambie and Nessie Lead Trainer Viv Ofstedahl, this training has been assured for DfE grant-funded Senior Mental Health Lead Training. Qualifying professionals will be refunded the entire cost of the course, your time, and any additional training and resources.

This course is designed for Mental Health Leads who would like to access hands on skills as well as strategically implement a whole school positive mental health approach. It consists of eight 3-hour sessions with a blend of face-to-face and online presentations.

Rachel Lambie is the Founder and CEO of Nessie, a trainer, supervisor and HCPC Arts psychotherapist who has been working in education for 22 years.

Rachel Lambie is the Founder and CEO of Nessie, a trainer, supervisor and HCPC Arts psychotherapist who has been working in education for 22 years.

Viv Ofstedahl is the Nessie Lead Trainer, who has been a Mental Health Lead and teacher in Educational Settings with over 30 years experience.

Viv Ofstedahl is the Nessie Lead Trainer, who has been a Mental Health Lead and teacher in Educational Settings with over 30 years experience.

What else do we offer you?

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  • Reflective sessions and growth
  • Gathering useful resources and signposting
  • Sharing experiences, case studies, and reflective practice as well as
  • Hands-on skills and knowledge that can lead to further work opportunities in Mental Health
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Support beyond training
  • Ongoing termly supervision and support
  • Access to a live network of peers
  • Continued access to your learning portal and resources
  • All attendees of this training automatically receive a 10% discount on future trainings for themselves or their colleges 
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Additional Nessie Foundation resources

Access to our other services including:

  • Therapy & counselling
  • Further training opportunities
  • Consultation and Supervision
Money back Guarenteed
Money back guarantee

If for any reason you are not granted the DfE funding, let us know at least 24 hours before the course start time and we guarantee to refund you the full amount and cancel your booking.


Why train with the Nessie Foundation?

Nessie has been providing quality assured training for professionals since its fruition in 2015 and we are proud to be assured by the DfE for this Foundation Training.  We are unique providers in that many of our team are teachers and we are all qualified Arts Psychotherapists, Supervisors, and Trainers and so you will be gaining hands-on practical skills to support the young people in your setting as well as support in setting up strategic transformation.  As part of this training, you will automatically be invited to attend termly supervision meetings and will have access to tools, videos, and resources to support your practice.

Am I the right person for this training?

Senior Mental Health Leads training is for anyone in a state sector school whose role involves supporting the positive mental health of children and young people in their setting. You may be in SLT, a SENCO, already a MHL as long as you have the support, authority and capacity to develop a whole setting approach. You will:

  • Develop or refresh  knowledge and skills in specific priority areas
  • Get more advanced training
  • Get a relevant qualification

This training is for me

How do I claim my refund from the DfE?

The grant application service is now available for schools and colleges to apply for a senior mental health lead training grant.

If you are eligible and intend to book a course soon, apply for a grant before you book a course. Grants are now available on a first-come, first-served basis until the DfE has issued all available funds for this financial year.

Once they have issued all the available grants, the application system will ask if you want to join their waiting list and the DfE will confirm future grant funding.

What do you mean by a whole school approach?

Research indicates that taking a coordinated and evidence-informed approach to mental health and wellbeing leads to improved emotional health and wellbeing in children and young people, and greater readiness to learn. Schools and colleges which have taken this approach often report improved attendance, attention, behaviour and attainment.

In our first session you will be asked to complete a simple SWOT analysis, highlighting the existing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to your mental health approach in your setting. Throughout the training, you will be working independently, with your SLT team, and with a small peer support group to plan, implement and review effective change. You will be encouraged to use reflective practice skills and peer discussion to consider areas of development in line with the ‘Learning outcomes for senior mental health lead training‘, the principles of Public Health England (PHE) and the Department for Education’s promoting children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing.

Why do I need ongoing training?

You don’t have to attend this training but it is recognised that professionals who hold a responsibility for the emotional and mental health of young people attend relevant, up to date, quality assured training.  This training has been designed to not only extend your strategic and implementation skills but also your practical, hands-on expertise. You will have access to termly supervision and review sessions to continue to hone your practice. You will also be able to book whole school training, or sign post your colleges to Nessie trainings / supervision support. 

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