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Hours of operation
Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm

Systemic Family Practices

When a child or young person experiences a mental health problem, it can affect everyone in the family and is often hard for them as well. People see problems differently and don’t always know what to do or say for the best. Family therapy can help people to see things differently. It can also provide a different perspective into doing things that could help everyone feel happier and get on better. Systemic Family Therapy is a ‘talking therapy’.

Our systemic family therapists are specifically trained to support families from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. They have specialist skills and knowledge working with the families of children and young people with depression, self-harm and conduct disorders. They can also help those who:
• feel very anxious
• get mood swings or get very low
• have difficulties with obsessive thoughts and compulsions
• have experienced something very frightening
• are very afraid of something

Systemic family therapists offer support and guidance to help families see their problems differently and to work together on changes that can be useful. They look at people’s strengths, and how these could be used to overcome difficulties. In addition, they sometimes look at how people see their problems and encourage different ways of looking at things.

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