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Hours of operation
Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm


This course is designed to support professionals who are or wish to directly work with children & young people to support their mental health. It consists of eight 3 hour sessions with a blend of face to face and online presentation.
This accredited training is ideally suited for SLT, SENDCo’s, TA’s and MH Leads who can influence a whole school approach to supporting mental health & wellbeing.


  • Supervision & reflective
  • Gathering useful resources and
  • Sharing experiences, case studies & reflective


Introduction to Mental Health awareness, early intervention and management strategies. Including building confidence & resilience.
Understanding and responding to SH within the school setting. This training would include Gatekeeper’s response to disclosure, management strategies and safeguarding.
Positive Behaviour Support
Managing behaviour positively. Understanding the function of behaviour and supporting in the planning of effective responses and reactive strategies.
Helping schools to set up systems, policies and structures to support pupils in relation to gender dysphoria, gender identity and sexual orientation.
Trauma & Attachment
Understanding the effect of early trauma on a young person’s attachment including reflecting on strategies and planning to become a trauma informed setting.
My Time/ My World & Me
Practical models to support young people who struggle to emotionally moderate due to attachment or neurodiversity.
Evaluation & Assessment
Understanding the purpose of assessment and how to use apply these tools to identify need. An opportunity to explore and build confidence with the referral processes.

For further information please contact:
Rachel Lambie: rlambie@rachell15.sg-host.com
Viv Ofstedahl : vofstedahl@rachell15.sg-host.com
or visit: rachell15.sg-host.com

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