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Hi there,

My name is Luke and I’m part of NESSie’s admin team. I’ve been working with them for a couple of months now and this blog is about NESSie and my experiences with them as a new starter. In my spare time I make and design clothing for myself and I love to read and watch films, mostly horror but I’m not opposed to anything else. Here’s a jacket I made last year! 


To start with I heard about Nessie from my partner who worked in the school where NESSie is based (also it happens to be the school where I went as a child). She told me they were looking for help in admin, which Id never worked in before but I was willing to give it a go. After doing some research I knew I wanted to work with them! What Nessie gives to children and young people are things that I was never offered when I was young, and to be a part of the kind of business that will make a difference in the lives of these young people, makes me really proud. From the first interview with Sarah and Rachel I could tell just how dedicated they were to their work; I could also tell how much pressure they were putting on themselves to get the business to reach new heights. All of this only made me want to work for them even more, and luckily, here I am.

Lets talk about what Nessie does: Nessie is a charity that provides arts therapies and counselling to children and young people, aged 0-24 years of age.  It has 24 therapists and 5 members of admin. Weve been incredibly busy since Ive started but it just shows how much work were putting in to helping people. So, what is art therapy? Its a kind of psychotherapy focusing on using creative media to express and communicate emotional issues. It doesnt just have to be for young people, in fact it can be used with any age or group and can help those who dont know how to vocalise the issues they are having, and you dont have to be artistic to take part! Studies show that art therapy can help in a huge number conditions and helps lower stress. 

Mostly my tasks have been trying to help grow the social media side of Nessie (you should see some posts of mine coming out soon). Were still a very small company and social media is one of the best ways to promote growth, and the more people who know about us the more we can help. A simple like or follow-on Facebook and Instagram helps the reach of our posts and could lead to a young person receiving the support they need. I definitely wont bore anyone with analytics but our audience is always incredibly supportive it would be wonderful if we could see even more of you. So have a look, follow us, and tell me what would be helpful to see in my posts. 


I’ll finish off by telling you all how much of a good time I’ve had with Nessie, they support children and young people but they also support all of their staff incredibly well, there’s never been a question unanswered or a bad day with them. I hope to be with the company for a long time.  I have added a list of events that are coming up this term.  

Happy new year! 


Upcoming workshops…

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