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Hours of operation
Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm

So with much excitement and in trepidation Yoshi Bear attended his first formal award ceremony!  Nominated for a Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust Leading Lights Award, Yoshi went to the groomers and had a new collar for the grand day.  After sitting patiently with over 200 staff in a very hot room, it was finally the category for Excellent Contributions by A Volunteer.  Names were read out, people held their breath and then we heard third place announced.., second place and finally the winner….YOSHI BEAR!  The room erupted into cheering and applause and we proudly went onto the stage for a certificate for Yoshi and £100 worth of vouchers.  At home Yoshi had steak for tea to celebrate with us all. 

Back at work, he continues to help with patients rehabilitation at Holywell Neurological Rehabilitation Unit.  His visits help improve patients’ moods, adjust to their situation and motivate them in their rehabilitation.  Whilst the patients’ lives may have changed, Yoshi treats them the same regardless of illness or injury.  His love is unconditional.  Well done Yoshi Bear!

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