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Hours of operation
Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm
Yoshi Bear

Yoshi Bear is five years old and is a Pets as Therapy Dog.  He lives with Charlotte, our Area Co-ordinator for Stevenage, and loves nothing better than helping children relax, laugh and have fun. 

His sister Darcey and another chocolate cocker spaniel, Teddy, also share a home with him.  Yoshi wears a bell to help Teddy to move around as he is blind.  Yoshi is a real life super hero!  He is the newest staff member of NESSie and is very excited to begin work soon.  

Yoshi Bear has been nominated by the Hertfordshire NHS for A Leading Lights Award for his contribution as a volunteer at the Watford Neurological Rehabilitation Unit.  His sessions have been described as ‘magical’!  We cannot wait to bring his magic to our team.

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