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June has been a very busy time for us all at NESSie as we continue on our mission of getting the right help to you and your child. We are supporting children and young people, families and staff in education settings by following the guidelines and developing our policies so we can adapt and be flexible in our working whilst staying safe – whether online or in person.

We have been very creative whilst supporting and visiting some of our most vulnerable children and young people in schools (whilst adhering to social distance rules), creating separate boxes with matching art material for both therapist and child so there is no sharing, developing socially distanced games and communication tools. We have introduced Yoshi Bear (Charlotte’s registered spaniel – see photo) to some children for animal assisted therapy outdoors, and have been delivering arts therapies and counselling online.

We have increased our outreach through offering online arts therapies and counselling in the community for both children and parents. We provide online forums and training for both parents and staff working in education.

British Nutrition Foundation Healthy Eating Week 22-28th June.

Last week during British Nutrition Foundation Healthy Eating Week, NESSie counsellor Richard reached out and asked the team for some quick recipes that are tasty whilst being healthy. These recipes will also be posted on the NESSie Parent Group, just register on our website and request to be a member!

George shares “My son makes an amazing lentil soup and here is the recipe”:


Olive oil
Tinned red lentils
Tinned Barley
Tinned tomatoes
Oregano (to taste)


1. Brown the Onions                                                                                                         2. Add the garlic and brown slightly then add the rest of the veg and stir for a few minutes
3. Add all the tinned ingredients to the pan, along with the stock and herbs.
4. Bring to simmer and simmer for 15 minutes.
5. Allow the soup to cool down and blend to your preferred texture.
6. Serve with sour cream

Art Therapist Harri shared “I love this Beetroot Blender Pasta recipe by Nadiya Hussain! Super delicious and really easy to make” https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/blender_beetroot_pasta_96501

Music Therapist Sarah shares “Here’s a recipe for my pizza tacos (can also use bread but tacos is better) which are an amazing snack! (for 1-2 people) Can tweak for veggie/vegan”

  1. take 4-5 full taco shell (or more if you’re hungry) and carefully split into two (flat sides)
  2. Mix tomato puree, salsa, seasoning (salt, pepper, paprika)
    To make salsa: (either shop bought works or you can make your own if you want! Do this by blitzing 2-3 medium tomatoes, garlic, chilli (optional), lime juice (optional), red onion and coriander. You will probably have left overs to use as dip (as you don’t want the base too wet!)
  3. Spread puree mix over taco shell to your taste (I like mine quite thin).
  4. Add toppings. I like: courgette, mushroom, capers, seasoning and CHEESE.
  5. Put on middle shelf in oven on a baking tray for about 10 mins (check it after 8 mins and judge the crispiness!)
  6. Finish with basil (or don’t, they’re still tasty).
  7. Enjoy!!

Dramatherapist Charlotte says her “Favourite hot quick nutritious lunch has got to be the protein packed boiled egg with toasted soldiers! Reminds me of my childhood and who can resist dipping into a perfect five minute boiled runny egg. Yummy! “

World Wellbeing Week 2020 (Monday 22 to Friday 26 June 2020)

During World Wellbeing Week 2020, we asked our NESSie team to share their tips around activities, hobbies or pastimes that have helped with their mental wellbeing during lockdown. We have shared these below, please do comment and add your own tips in the comments section or register on the website and join our parent group and add ideas in the forum there!

“My daughter and I set up a pretend beauty salon and had relaxation music playing whilst we took turns to give each other facials, manicures and pedicures. It was great fun! We even made a sign for the door!
“Also I walk and cuddle my three cheeky spaniels everyday. Just heavenly.”

“I’ve been doing a combination of walks in the local nature reserve, yoga and trialing new recipes such as Olive bread.”

“I have been making sure that I do one type of exercise a day, yoga to reset my body and mind, Thai chi, keeping me grounded and connected and walks with or without my naughty dogs. As a family we have gardened and decorated together and used crafts such as pottery, drawing and crochet to develop new skills and interests. We have also allowed times for just doing nothing. I think it can be very hard at the moment for people to keep up a routine of hobbies etc. I know some weeks I am able to be very active and others are a lot harder.”

“I have found it’s important to find a balance and not be disappointed when I struggle to do something today that I managed easily yesterday. Sometimes I am just tired, and that’s OK. Some days are just harder than others, and that’s OK. Giving myself permission to stop ‘trying to do’ and give myself some ‘me time’ is often the best thing… even if it’s just 5 minutes. I make (uninterrupted) time for myself to read a book, listen to music or watch a film and that really does help ”

Some great tips above. Thank you team!

For further tips and information and tips from World Wellbeing Week please follow the #’s:

#MentalHealthWellbeingTip #TogetherMW #WorldWellbeingWeek

Men’s Health Week 2020 On the 10th-16th June

Reflecting on this month’s Men’s Health Week, the theme of which was ‘Take Action on COVID-19’, it was fantastic to watch as the world celebrated Men’s Health. Awareness was raised of health issues that affect men disproportionately and there was a focus on encouraging men to become aware of problems they may have or could develop, and to gain the courage and/or understanding to do something about it.

As a contribution to the many helpful tips and exercises shared during this week, NESSie counsellor Richard has shared a helpful YouTube video by Dr Mandell of a simple breathing exercise to strengthen lungs, which will to keep you healthier for longer… and best of all is you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!

For more information on other organsaitons and tips on mens health and wellbing from Mens Health Week, check out the following #’s: #menshealthweek #MensHealthWeek2020 #MensMentalHealthMatters #MentalHealth

Thank you

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