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Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm





Parent videos

Transitioning to a new school

Building resilience and confidence

Dealing with anxiety

Coping with anger

Supporting children in the LGBTQ+ community

Supporting children with neurodiversity

NESSie documents

NESSie Foundation in Emotional & Mental Health Bitesize

Supporting Anxious Children Bitesize

Confidence and Resilience for Parents Bitesize

NESSie Positive Behaviour Support Bitesize

NESSie Self-Harm Bitesize

Bereavement and Loss Bitesize

Trauma and Attachment Bitesize

Supporting Trans & Gender Questioning Pupils Bitesize

NESSie Staff Wellbeing Bitesize

Asessment and Evaluation Bitesize 

Secondary Transition Top Tips and Signposts 

EBSA Toolkit Booklet

Other useful resources

Integrated services for Learning; Emotionally Based School avoidance Guide for Parents

Childnet; Supporting Your Child if They See Upsetting Content Online

Schoolsweek; We Should Not Hide From Children What is Happening in Ukraine

Metro; How to Talk to Children About What’s Happening in Ukraine and World War 3 Anxiety

Department for Education; Help for Teachers and Families to Talk to Pupils About Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and How to Help Them Avoid Misinformation

Independent; How and When to Talk to Children About War, According to a Parenting Expert

Self Help Leaflets – Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust

LGBTQ+ Services

Savanna Therapeutic; books for children with ASC

Gal-dem; therapists who understand racism experiences

Hertfordshire country council; Emotional Based School Avoidance Guide for Parents 

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